Meaning for Humanity

Meaning for Humanity

 Where does that leave humanity?  What is it that we need to do?  What should we do differently from what we have been doing?  What should we do the same? 

Imagine an entity (the Universe) evolving out of chaos.  This entity has the opportunity of evolving into a self-directing, immortal being.  After billions of years, it has evolved consciousness and self awareness, but only at a very low level in a very small area of its being.  It has developed the ability to affect its environment in almost imperceptible ways.  Clearly, it needs to expand that consciousness throughout its being.  It needs to increase its ability to control its actions and destiny.  In short, that which has brought the first speck of consciousness and control to the Universe has to continue to grow. 

The task placed upon humankind is to evolve to ever higher levels of evolution and technology and spread our consciousness throughout the Universe, so that every nook and cranny of our Universe becomes conscious.  This isn’t just about population growth.  It’s about technology, species evolution, space travel, etc., etc. 

Isn’t the goal of most religions to reach a level of personal achievement (goodness) so as to become one with or live with god?  Heaven is the home of god in the Western traditions.  This is religion removed from tradition and taken to its scientific extreme.  One could rationalize this as fitting into their religious beliefs, but that is irrelevant to anyone except themselves.  Whether you choose to view this conscious Universe as god or a creation of god or nothing at all; it is a personal choice.  I mention this because for most, it would be easier to understand and absorb, if the ultimate goal is god-related.  That’s not a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t generate its own cult and mythical beliefs. 

The goal or mission for humankind, in conjunction with any other highly conscious species (those that are conscious of being conscious), is to grow throughout the Universe and wrest control from chaos.  I use the term chaos somewhat inappropriately.  Our Universe really is not chaotic as defined in mathematics.  Everything that happens follows the pattern that was established in the Big Bang.  In order to achieve this goal, we will need to develop methods for travelling through the Universe in order to colonize.  We will need to be able to establish methods of colonizing where no acceptable earth-like planet exists.  We will need to travel with great speed; in excess of light speed.  We will need to evolve as a species to be able to perform these tasks.  Science and technology will be keys to this evolution.  These studies will afford us the tools to travel, but also will allow us to hasten our evolution.  Bigger more powerful brains, stronger bodies, more sophisticated machines, computers, etc.  This is how we will achieve our destiny.

This isn’t a personal plan for the next decade.  It isn’t something that can happen in our lifetime or in the next millennium.  It took us (the Universe) billions of years to get this far.  It won’t take that long to achieve our ultimate goal.

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